Any comments on the copper CX-90 ?

It's an SX90 (not an SX90R) in copper. It's the Keilwerth replacement for the Buffet Prestige S3.

You're paying an extra $800 to have copper and not have rolled tone holes ....
RE: 442hz, the Buffet S1, S2, and S3 were all A=442hz, unless the serial number ended in "A". However, the small difference in pitch could easily be compensated for -- and I demonstrated that I could take a Selmer Omega, which is a 440hz horn, and play it in-tune at A=442.

I *believe* that the only difference between the S-series that were 440 and those that were 442 was the neck, which shouldn't affect the entire horn's tuning: open pipe and all of that.

In any event, the Buffet-made S-series and the Keilwerth-made Expression (and CX90) had different bores. Completely different horns.
I had an H.Couf Superba with a high copper content in the brass.

It had a great sound.

When they quit relacquering horns, it turned green.



Not a pretty sight.

Note: I live in a corrosive climate, and have lacquer-eating body chemistry.


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Bob, it looks like it was stored for a long time without adequate protection. Poor baby sax. :cry:

Looks as it went AWOL in Atlantis for some years. Yeuch.
Then again, call it "vintage patina" and you'll have a winner. :cool:
Bob, it looks like it was stored for a long time without adequate protection. Poor baby sax. :cry:

In any event, even if that horn was made out of copper, it would have rusted that badly.

I *believe* that the CX90 also has a coat of clear lacquer over the instrument. However, if you're saying that your saliva is that corrosive, I think you're outta luck because the INSIDE of the horn isn't lacquered.
The Couf looked great for years when they re-lacquered horns here in Florida. Then it went through two overhauls without lacquer and started turning green and pitting. There was nothing I could do to stop it. I even tried Brasso. Less than a month after Brasso the green and pitting returned, and I just did not have the time or the desire to brasso the sax every few weeks. In fact, the Brasso never got rid of the pitting, just the green color.

I bought a Gold Plated Grassi Prestiege in the mid 1980s and the Couf lived in the case as my back-up horn since then. When I took it out of the case to take those pictures, it really didn't look much worse than the day I put it in there.

It was a sad day when I retired my Couf, because I liked the tone of that sax better than my old Mark VI.

I recently sold it to a person who has a buddy that is learning to recondition saxophones.

I ordered a new sax that will be double plated in silver colored nickel. According to Anderson Plating, silver nickel is the most durable plating you can get on a sax. Hopefully it will be the last sax I ever need to buy.

I'll post the brand and the review as soon as it comes in (late January). Until then it will remain a mystery. I have a money back guarantee in case the horn is lame (which I doubt I will use).

Then my Grassi will be my back up horn. I'll also use it for my weekly outdoor gig in a marina near the ocean.

The lacquer on the Grassi is starting to peel off and it is taking the Gold and underlying Silver along with it. Hopefully the nickel will last longer.

I'm a shiny horn guy. Although I play in a funky Key-West type outdoor bar, I also play in Yacht and Country clubs where a Tux is mandatory. A funky horn and a tux don't mix in my book.

If I were to get another sax with a high copper content, I would have to keep it lacquered, which in my case means sending it off to Indiana every couple of years.

But as I said, my body chemistry eats away lacquer, and I live in a highly corrosive climate - YMMV.

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I recently asked Keilwerth directly about the CX90. We now import direct from Keilwerth in Germany.

Right now, they are not making the CX90 quoting that there was a problem with the relationship to the solid copper tubes and the tone hole manufacturing. They are actually having new tooling made for the CX90 tone hole production. They hope to have them back in production in the 2nd half of 2010.

From the last cost that I have seen, the CX90 sold for the same price as an SX90R (we sell the SX90R brand new at $3,375).

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