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Archie McLeod ......New to the fold

Hi, I'm Archie (also known as Musically Mr M) New to this forum but definitely not new to the woodwind world. I'm a retired High School band director (31 years), a professional musician who has played with several area orchestras, community bands, chamber ensembles and was a clarinet major during my college years. I am also a guitarist, pianist and vocalist and for a long while, I have been playing with some area Beach/Top 40 type bands and jazz ensembles. Things to keep the bills paid. For what ever the reason, I seem to be rekindling my relationship with the Clarinet all over again. I have a Selmer 10 G that has been in my closet for at least the last 10 years and recently required an old wood A. Fontaine Couseson (Stencil) horn that has gotten me going once again. Searching for a discussion forum, I found this one very informative and interesting......so here I am :) :Line6:


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Welcome to our little corner of the web. I have to say that high school band teachers are always remembered by their students. You have my respect for choosing that vocation and staying with it so long. I look forward to reading and hearing more from you.


Tom Heimer
Welcome from a fellow newbie, retired band director and clarinetist! Most of my teaching was elementary & jr. high bands, though I was director of the HS jazz band for many years (funny, a guy with no formal jazz training....). I only play on one band now (the Westchester Band in NY each summer). You can google me playing the Artie Shaw Concerto with them. I'd like to play over winter here in Halifax area, and could do lots of that if I didn't want to get paid....The place I taught mostly was Thompson, Manitoba, Canada.... google a map of where THAT is.
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