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Armstrong Piccolo Advice

I have an Armstrong Piccolo I am looking to sell. It has the grenadilla wood body with silver plated keys and a full silver head joint. The serial number is 27 43831 and from my research that means it was made in 1977. There is no model number anywhere. From what I have gathered it is a professional quality piccolo comparable to the 358 or 3582H. I have no idea what to sell it for. I have searched ebay and havent found a piccolo that has sold that is comparable to mine. If I could get a few opinions on what ya'll think a fair price is it would be greatly appreciated.



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Well without the model number it might get $100 - 300. It's really a dice roll at this point isn't it. Are you sure you want to sell it? For that small of change you could donate to a local school or 501c community band and right it off on your taxes. Or you could find a worthy relative to give it to; those are my fav people to gift instruments to because the instruments will get used. Good luck!
I also have an Armstrong piccolo that I bought a while back on eBay, actually. I believe I got it for $200? So anywhere from $150-$200 is probably a fair price range.
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