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I mentioned in another thread that my arthritic right thumb is really hurting from playing a lot of bari in a seated position. I'm thinking of having a peg added so the main weight will rest on the floor. Other than a couple of really old threads on SOTW, I can't seem to find much info on an aftermarket solution. I have tried using a harness, but really hate them, and they make it much more difficult to make a quick instrument switch.

Does anyone have any ideas?
For years I've been using an Oleg strap on bari. No problems, although an arthritic thumb is about the only problem I don't have.
Hello Sax Hound,

Placing a peg on your horn would be costly and soldering
on a receiver would uglify your horn. This is from Helen's Bassic Sax website and may be something that would be helpful to you:
That would be fine if all I was playing was the bari. I'm playing a show right now that includes bari, tenor, bass clarinet, clarinet and flute, with a lot of quick changes.
That would be fine if all I was playing was the bari. I'm playing a show right now that includes bari, tenor, bass clarinet, clarinet and flute, with a lot of quick changes.
No, the big Sax stand wouldn't be a good choice in your situation :)
Apparently, the new Yamaha 62 horns, the Selmer Series III horns and the high end Yani horns now come with this feature. Maybe I can trade my YBS 52 for one. I guess I would have to throw in my Mark VI alto too!
Just kidding. I think I will take a few more naproxen sodium pills and deal with the pain. Although, there is a Jupiter bari with a peg, that might be more of a wash financially. I hate to lose the Yamaha though - it has a powerful sound that I really like.
If the 62 has a peg available, I don't see why it can't be adapted for the 32/34/52/whatever intermediate model bari: the bell should be the same size, although the intermediate model has a two-piece bell. Hey, we've got lots of folks on the forum that fix horns. What do y'all think?

Y'know, if you get a peg, you're going to need a different case.

Oh. I bet this is the SOTW thread you're talking about.
I decided to try the guitar foot rest solution in that SOTW post. I measured the distance from the bow to the floor while sitting, and it was 5.5". The Hercules foot rest adjusts from 4.5" to about 8.5". It arrives on Thursday. If it gets here in time, I will take it to dress rehearsal that night. If it doesn't, I might wait rather than trying to mess with it during our first performance Friday night. The double dose of naproxen sodium seems to help a lot, but that's not a good idea in the long term.
Do you think you are using your thumb to support the weigh or to push out the right hand to tilt the sax? I have played shows using a Hamilton stand that supports the sax off the floor, has wheeled, and can tilt the sax L/R quickly. But it was not a natural playing position for me and I could not play a big band gig this way or my back would hurt the next few days from leaning oddly. Plus, I could not tilt my head to get music in focus with my graduated lens glasses. So
I preferred using a Neotech strap or a harness. I now have music reading glasses but I gave up Bari a few years ago due to the weight.
Well, the foot rest was a bust. I move around too much while I'm playing, and tend to "lean in" towards the music when popping out low notes or playing a difficult passage. Setting the horn on the foot rest just wasn't a comfortable playing position.

The good news is that as the week progressed, my thumb hurt less and less. Not sure if it was just the extended exercise, or perhaps I knocked some calcium deposits in the joint loose. After 22 hours of combined rehearsals and performances in the past week it barely hurts at all.
Provided you still have feeling in your thumb ...

I've never tried playing a bari in a rack or with a peg. I'm tall (and wide), so those might not be an option for me. However, I'd love for anyone to elaborate more on their experiences.
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