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Bass Clarinet neck screw broken

My bass clarinet has 2 screws to hold the neck in place. One of the screws (left side) broke off. I asked my band teacher and he says its fine and it doesn't actually hold the neck to the body. I'm still worried about it and what should I do? Should I go over to where i got the clarinet (ted brown) and get them to repair it? Or should I just leave it? I haven't tried to see if the neck still tightens because it broke off towards the end of class and its in the band room right now.
I figure the designer put that second neck screw there with a purpose in mind. I'd would be inclined to try to source a replacement.


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Distinguished Member
Typically saxes and bass clarinets have one screw to tighten the receiver around the neck tenon, and it is almost always on the right side. The screw on the left is usually for a lyre to hold music for marching. Repair shops have replacement screws in all of the common thread sizes so it can be easily replaced.
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