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Bass clarinet Selmer letter Q or letter V?

Hi guys,
I'm trying to find a good old Selmer bass clarinet but is really hard!
I never played before this amazing instrument!!! I'm very exited!!!

The Q born in 1957 and V in the 1969.

Witch one of this is better? Do they have the same type of wood? mechanically changes?
I can't find any links about this historical period of Selmer instruments, may you help me?

The Q looks like stripped, but I think (I'm wrong?) is normal after 70 years. The owner told me it play great, but I see in the pictures strange lines (are cracks?). The other one (V) the wood is perfect, too strangly, and they show me a little crack in one edge, not passing through. I liked the honesty but, you know....in this V I see a lot of dents in the metal parts, probably was fallen down. Obviously is cheapest but I think is not good.
I need a few suggestions
Thanks a lot
P.S. I show you 2 pics about Q



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