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Bass Clarinet


College Student who likes wind instruments & music
I'm not going too far out on a limb by saying that Dolnet probably did not manufacture bass clarinets. Bb clarinets, definitely. Saxophones in various pitches, definitely. For G Whiz, here's a JC bass clarinet that doesn't look very much like yours. I'm not quite sure why some specialty clarinet makers decided on just making soprano clarinets. I do know that it took hundreds of years to come up with a really good working bass clarinet design, but that design was well in place by the end of the 19th century.

* Just because company A made stencils for company B, it doesn't mean that ALL company B horns were made by company A. As an easy example, Selmer New York saxophones were almost always made by Conn, except when they were made by Buescher.
* The above also means that just because you know of stencils named something were generally produced by a company, not all stencils with that name have to be from that company. As a fun example, stencils named "Vega" were built by probably every company on earth at some time.
To make the Vega example more fun, they made their own string instruments and trumpets, too.

But yeah I've seen some people fall into the error of thinking all stencils were from the same company, especially on places like ebay.
Well, I guess it is a big stretch to believe that Dolnet may have manufactured my "Henri Leduc Paris" bass clarinet. So, we are back to Malerne as the most likely manufacturer. I was very curious about it but we may never know for sure. And I can accept that. If I can fix the intonation problem in the upper register, I'll be happy with this bass.