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Bassoon setups


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OK, I'll start the inevitable setup thread:

Kohlert Winnenden bassoon with high D, RH whisper lock (a Fox Type II sliding lock) and Ab/Bb trill.

I use a Bell #2 pre-war style bocal, and Buttemer reeds (for now, anyways).

I'm usually using a deJacques neckstrap with it, 'cos I'm not crazy about seatstraps.
Bassoon Setup

I own a Fox model 220 (from high school) with all the standard equipment. I loan it to mu students if they cannot afford their own bassoon. My primary bassoon is a Puchner model 5000. It comes with: automatic G ring key, high D key, high E key, E-F sharp trill, Eb key on wing joint, whisper key mechanism operated on wing joint as well as self-acting from low E key, right hand whisper key lock, Ab-Bb trill key on boot joint for right thumb. one on F key, one on F sharp key little finger right hand, one on G sharp key little finger right hand, one on Bb key right thumb, two on low E key right thumb, two on F sharp key for thumb, one on G sharp key for right thumb, one on C sharp and one on D sharp key on long joint, one on low D key left thumb, one on low C key left thumb Five finger holes and one tone hole rubber lined extending into the bore, one tone hole rubber lined, the wing joint bore as well as the wide and small side bore of the boot joint lined, nylon lined pivot screw keys. my bocal is a Heckel from the 1930's. dont know anything else about the bocal otehr than it is in great condidion for its age. (I copied the stats from the website. ddnt feel like typing it all)

Derek F. Methot
Why have I not seen this topic? lol.

I own a Fox Renard 222 with a High D Key. I am very happy that it is mine and not one I'm renting out. My grandparents were so awesome to buy it for me, and I have loved the bassoon every since... Well I loved it for a few years before, but I loved playing it afterwards. lol.

I'm still using one of the two bocals that came with the bassoon... The one I'm using is the number "3".

I get my reeds from an online site that my bassoon instructor recommended to me (and the rest of the students.) It's called "Singin' Dogs" reeds. I used to go with Jones reeds, but they went out of business. The Singin' Dog reeds are better anyways. They were very easy to break in and all of them I've gotten so far have been good reeds.

I use the seat strap that came with the bassoon. Is there any reason to go get another one? lol.

I'm also really wanting a case cover. My parents said they'd get me one for Christmas. My teacher recommended the Altieri brand case covers so I'll probably get one of them. Probably the backpack model with only one pocket.
Vintage Puchner professional model from the 1960's. Desperate need of a repad, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Stock bocals, and reeds are WWBW reed blanks that I cut down to where i need them.


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One of the few instruments that I love that I don't own.

I've been tempted to pick one up but I'm afraid that the wife would notice. :emoji_smile: