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Bassoon with Unknown Manufacture

I play an old, battered school bassoon, and I wanted to look into the manufacture. The bocal it comes with was easy enough, and is easily distinguished as a Fox C bocal.
The instrument, on the other hand, was not. Making an assumption, I researched the serial number for a Fox instrument, and it came up as an '92 Renard Model 222. The problem is, nothing on the bassoon indicates it is a Renard or Fox. I haven't been able to find anything that matches the trades.
The primary-looking trade stamped onto the bell is an elongated hexagon, containing two words, "Maitre", meaning master in French, and in smaller font below, "Paris". Below that, is a smaller stylistic 'H'. On the top of the foot above the Bb key, "Made in France" and the serial number are stamped. The serial number is in the 19000 range. Again, I haven't found anything resembling these stampings anywhere else, so I ask if anybody knows anything about this mystery manufacturer. It is clearly French, but the only french manufacture I found, Buffet Crampton, didn't have such high serial numbers for bassoons. Their trademarks would also be clearly recognized. I also researched Huller, but again found no similarity in the markings, other than the mysterious 'H' on the bell.
I have no idea what it could be. So, I'm asking if anybody else has seen these markings.
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