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Bb Buffet -R1 flat fix

Hullo all,
I have a late 1960's Buffet in for repair/ restoration.
Now that its complete, it plays great EXCEPT that the 1st register being about 15 cents flat.
Tried different barrels, etc with no effect to this problem....
any ideas as to how to proceed?

many thanks for any insight.


Clarinet CE/Moderator
Staff member
I just want to clarify, when you say first register do you mean the Chalumeau register - from the lowest note of E (3 ledger lines below the staff) to about G in the staff ?

Generally, this can be affected by pad/keywork height

It can also be affected by the mouthpiece itself

I have a variety of mpcs and as I was playing a BC-20 the intonation was quite wild with my Vandoren M13Lyre. But when I use a period correct Buffet/Chedeville mouthpiece the intonation is close to spot on from bottom to top.

Normally I don't use any bumper material thicker than 1/32nds of an inch, such as on the bridge key base (1/64) on the bridge key itself, and throughout the instrument (except tenons which vary). There are exceptions but usually on student level instruments.

Other potential things ... but need more information. (having it in my hands too would be great, but ... )
Thanks for your response(s)-
I tried quite a number of different barrels and mouthpieces.
The key heighth looks good and the cork is okay.

The instrument hasn't been played in a number of years
and was pinned at some point in its distant past, maybe that is why...


Clarinet CE/Moderator
Staff member
One thing I learned about cracks is that you have to seal any crack. Just pinning it does not really provide a "complete" solution.

See this thread, starting at post # 7

another thing, I've noticed the older pads get the more air penetration happens, and thus this also affects tone and response even if slightly. Of course a cut pad will impact tone and response more. This is where a pressure leak machine comes in handy in identifying penetration and other oddities above a certain threshold.
If you suspect leaks being the issue, consider the tenons too. It's a quick fix, and it can make a lot of difference.