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Be A Community


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
Something that I always really liked on another (techie) forum I frequent is that whenever a new member pops by and posts, one of the members that has been around for awhile greets him. This fosters a good feeling of community.

I'm going to try to greet all the folks that visit, myself, when we officially go "live", but if I miss someone, don't be shy: do it for me. Remember, you all have at least something in common: you're musicians.


Friends of the WF
Distinguished Member
Considering the short time this board has been up, I guess I'm an old timer already. :D

Hi Steve, nice to see you my friend. Guess things are looking pretty snowy up their in Michigan. Don't know if you knew this, but my Father was from Royal Oak, and I still have a lot of family in that area. I think you do business around there don't you?



Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
Ed asked me to expand on this. I'll try, but trying without getting into unnecessary detail will be difficult.

Over the years, I decreased my participation on all other online activities in favor of a techie forum that I'm a member at and my own projects. Reasons? This techie forum was genuinely happy to have me around, everyone treated each other with a degree of respect and no one unnecessarily took offense at anyone else. Hey, while they don't encourage newbies through "advertising", they welcome n00bz with open arms. And even allow them to fall splat on their faces a couple times before heckling them unmercifully.

Sometimes. Either that or they get an amusing title that reminds them and all other members about that "splat" incident. :p (In interests of completeness, my title referred to the time I tried to plug a brand-new surge suppresor into an allegedly properly-wired {not by me} outlet that wasn't and almost killed myself. They're those kind of people.)

Anyhow, when Ed asked me about helping out here, I mentioned that I really didn't want to be involved in a community-free forum. While I might not get to know all the members, I wanted to treat everyone as basically equal and I wanted them to treat me the same way.

Additionally, I don't like talking at folks. I like fostering some dialog. I've been able to do some of that here, so far. I like that.

{To be continued.}


Staff member
Our goals here are lofty.

We want to create the premier community of Woodwind players to discuss the various members of the woodwind family. The key word that is important in all that we do is "respect". We want to afford everyone with the respect that our society too often is lacking these days. Some people call it abiding by the Golden Rule. I was taught to respect everyone equally. Again, it is a lofty idealistic goal but one to which I strive for on a daily basis.

We believe that by encouraging respectful discourse that we can further the dialog about the various members of the woodwind family. When I created The Woodwind Forum I came up with the tag line that the site is "Dedicated to the Woodwind Enthusiast". I think of the term "enthusiast" as encompassing anyone who is passionate about playing a woodwind instrument. They could be a beginner, late bloomer, rank amateur, or a full time professional and anything in between who has a passion for playing.

So please celebrate your passion for your instrument and help us foster a respectful exchange of ideas and learning.


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
"Enthusiast" works for me.

I'll do "the story of Pete" in a different thread, but I once had a "management training session" that had an interesting exercise: pick one word to describe yourself.


I've mentioned that I haven't played in a very long time and I really *can't* play or sing anymore, at least not on a level anywhere near "professional", but I still really, really like the pretty instruments and I marvel at how well they're crafted, even some that are hundreds of years old.

Another way of looking at it is that we're all "built-in" members of a community because we share something in common: we're woodwind players. That's something to build a relationship on!


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
Thanks, Doc!
Ed, Pete, and other Admins --

congratulations to such a fantastic new site -- love it!

Good luck and all the best with your new virtual venture,


Staff member
Thought I'd drop by and say hi - Ed told me about this last weekend. A lofty endeavor indeed. Hope I can contribute in some small way.