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Beginner Quesition

Hello Everybody,
Today I started to play and learn Clarinet. I put the reed into mouthpiece and try to make the sound with some help from youtube videos, I can make the smooth sound butI read somewhere that the note should be F#. But when I make the sound my tuner shows it is G. Could you give me some tips how to lower my note? When I put less air on mouthpiece the sound ruin, so I need to put more air which makes G sound.

Thanks for your attention,
Make sure you are playing with a relaxed throat and not biting/pinching the reed with your bottom teeth. It should be the corner muscles of your lips that secure the mouthpiece in your mouth, not so much clamping with the bottom jaw - think of saying "ew". Hopefully this helps lower your pitch a bit and perhaps opens your tone even more.
Your clarinet embouchure is likely not well developed enough muscularly to enforce a seal at a sufficiently loose state to achieve the proper pitch.

You are close, though. Are you coming from Saxophone?