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Beyond Tenor and Alto for Beginners

I dunno, a Keilwerth stencil may make it worth it if you're looking to get a playing instrument for (maybe) under $1200 with the minimum expected amount of repairs.


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
eBay Baritones Under $2400
$2335.50. 1970s Noblet. Low Bb. Playing condition. Pretty. A tad on the pricey side.
$1250. Selmer Bundy. Looks to be in decent shape.

A couple not to buy ...
1960 Buffet. There are some really ugly "repairs" on this horn, several damaged tone holes, bell to body braces aren't original, needs all new pads, etc. And they quote from my old website out of context :).
1920s Wurlitzer American. Holton stencil. Way too expensive and way too many repairs needed.
King Tempo. Keilwerth stencil. It's too expensive for the repairs needed.

That SML from PM Woodwind is still for sale and I still think it's the best horn listed in this thread.


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
Some Sopranos under $1400
$1100. 1929 Conn New Wonder straight soprano. Non-original finish, but pretty.
$1395. 1978 Vito (Yanagisawa S6 Stencil) straight soprano. Nice shape.
$1195. 1925 Buescher True Tone straight soprano. Formerly gold plate.
$1195. 1925 Buescher True Tone straight soprano. Silver plate.

I saw some other horns, but I think that they'd be well over $1400 after repairs. I can also justify the above prices by looking at closed eBay ads and saying that they're pretty close.
To my mind these repairs look more 'ad hoc' than 'expert', and [FONT=Bitstream Vera Serif, Times New Roman, serif]to me [/FONT]Copy and Paste ads always carry a connotation of laziness and unscrupulousness. That ad is icky.
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