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Blogs for Woodwind Player

I'm a clarinetist who plays principal with the Columbus Symphony in Ohio. I have a blog where I post my occasional impressions on being a principal clarinetist and a classical musician. My blog is called Buzzing Reed. It's at http://glitteringstew.com/reed/

There's another blog by an oboist. It's http://www.oboeinsight.com/

So far I haven't found andy other woodwind blogs of any real quality of information and writing.

Let me know if you know of some.

David H Thomas


Staff member

Welcome aboard. I've read your blog a number of times and find it very interesting. Glad you have have joined us here.


Clarinet CE/Moderator
Staff member
I see Ed hit the Enter button before I did.

Mr. Thomas,
Thanks for joining us. I've read your blog in the past and I find it very interesting reading about the instricacies of a Symphony player and a clarinet player. Very few musicians ever get to this level of detail of their performance and the "accuracy" of every level of detail of each part of their instrument.

I recall one of your writings where you mentioned "marrying your sweetheart" from 5th ? grade -- your clarinet. A very intriguing perspective !!

I hope you enjoy the forum and hope you can enlighten us with your experiences and knowledge.


Brassica Oleracea
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I moved this to a more traveled area, but I'm going to copy the bit about the Oboe blog and paste it in our double-reed section.

Nice to have you aboard!
Hello Mr. Thomas,
Thank you for sharing your blog with this forum. It is very well-written and displays a great deal of thoughtfulness. I like the idea of the relationship with an instrument. That really expresses the level of intimacy that is required for each of us to have a chance at reaching our music.
Thank you again and I hope to read more posts from you on the forum.
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