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Buffet 100s

Hi guys.

What can anyone tell me about the Buffet 100 Series alto sax. Looking to get myself a decent horn. Not planning on going pro, bust just to play some sax.

Found a place selling one pretty cheap. It's in real goo condition. Would this be a good buy?
define real cheap, that'll be the deciding factor. You can get a YAS-23 for a couple hundred bucks and I've used those in professional gigs before with no problem.
No high F#, who cares
It's two toned, well so were a lot of the Mark VI's for the european market
Kinda clunky, I'm a bari player, everything seems un-clunky compared to baris and basses
Other than that, it's a perfectly good sounding horn and works just fine for 90% of the players out there.
The 100 is a student model (see http://buffet-crampon.com/en/instruments.php?mode=productDetails&pid=732). They're made in China or Taiwan, not in France (i.e. "not by Buffet"). If you're looking for a strict price comparison, just find other dealers offering Chinese or Taiwanese-made horns and base your price off that, as to whether it's a good deal.

Note that I said just "price comparison."

The Yamahas are well-respected horns that have been around for a long while. There also have been a whole lot of them, so used can be fairly cheap. As a recommendation, drop Dave at www.junkdude.com a line, because he generally has a few Yamaha student/lower models in decent shape for cheap -- and if the horn's beat up, he'll tell you.

We've mentioned here, before, that we've been relatively impressed with the price and performance of Dave Kessler's in-house brand (also made in China or Taiwan, IIRC). Those are in the $600-$700 range, IIRC. That's a pretty decent price for a new alto.
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