Buffet R-13 Serial Number Help!

Hi Everyone! First posting so I hope my info is clear.

I have a Buffet R13 that I purchase from a store back in 2006. I've recently graduated college and now am trying to sell it off for some much needed funds. For identification purposes, I found the serial number on the bottom joint but for some reason the upper joint does not have a serial number. I tried checking the normal spot (on the back printed horizontally near the bottom of the top joint) and pretty much everywhere else but it is no where to be found The serial number is in the 540XXX range!!! I'm trying to remember what may have happened to it when I first purchased it but have not much recollection from 9 years ago. Is it normal for a Buffet R13 not to have a serial number on the upper joint in this range? Or would there be a reason it doesn't have any identification?
My R13 has a serial number on both of those joints too.

All the Buffet clarinets I've seen were stamped on both joints. That includes R13s, RCs, Prestiges and a couple of pre-R13 Buffets.
No s/n on the upper joint may indicate a replacement joint ...?
Was the clarinet bought as a new instrument?
Can you contact the store and ask them?
All my R13s have SNs on both joints but my newest one is early 1970s.
My early R13s - 51xxx and 50,8xx R13s have them on both joints.

I have learned years ago that when you polish a body to stay away from emblems and serial numbers and any other stamping as those are easily polished away. So if the instrument has even been through a thorough refurbishment it may have been polished away. Then you have to learn to reetch those numbers (even badly) on the joint if you even try. lol

But 540xxx is 2005.
I don't know if Buffet stopped doing them on both joints at any time (then maybe restarted) ...
One could probably peruse eBay and check a quantity of various R13s and seeing if SNs are on both joints if shown in the photos.
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