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Buffet value?

Don't know if I'm being fooled or what...
Went to my local music store to see if it was worth having my old buffet completely rebuilt- it needs it from pads-springs key buffing etc
The repair man looked at the instrument and said it was too valuable a horn for him to repair (they do mostly school instruments)
The serial number is 54,583 on all joints- was given to me around 1954 or 55
The guy tells me it's worth - as is - $3,000 or more

Is he pulling my leg or is that more or less true- I have no clue
It's not possible to say for sure without seeing it, but it's most likely an R13 from the first few years. Unless it's an unusual clarinet making it much more valuable for whatever reason (and the chance of that is small), then unfortunately it's not worth anywhere near as much as they suggested.
What I was told was that the serial number 54xxx indicated that the instrument was one made just after WWII and that those instruments
had the best tone and were highly sought after. It looks a lot like the R13 - I have one made in the 80's, but as I remember the tone was
considerably nicer than the newer horn.
That serial number probably means it's from 1956. It is an R13 but that model was somewhat changed over the years so it's not always the same. The clarinet might be very good and have a great tone, but that kind of thing doesn't add significant value. Unfortunately it's not like the Mark VI sax thart increase in value.
yes maybe it was '56. I guess the guy really didn't know what he was talking about. What does a complete overhaul / restore by a good tech cost these days?
springs, good pads and key rebuff etc.


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Rick Sayre from Sayre Woodwinds in Lombard, IL did a beautiful job on restoring my R-13. It's been quite a few years since I did it (I'm guessing 2003 or 2004), but it was about $325. Rick does work for most of the Chicago Symphony woodwind players.