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Buying a flute

Hi all!
I am in desire of buying my own flute for pedagogical purposes. I've managed to find a few flutes for sale. All are used student models ranging between $269 and $350. I just don't know which one to pick. All of them are in great condition. They are:

Gemeinhardt 22SP
Gemeinhardt 2SP
Jupiter JFL-511-II
Selmer 1206
Yamaha YFL-265S
Yamaha YFL-221
Looks like you did your research very well, all these flutes seem to have the same specifications and most likely will play really close to each other. I'm a yamaha person myself but I know Flute players at my school tend to lean towards Selmer.

When you're getting a new instrument I would actually try to discourage you to buy a student model though. There really is a difference betwen the sound quality, intonation, and easy of playablity between a professional horn and a student horn and since you are already a musician you don't need to get a student model to test your commitment to music. Paying more for an intermediate or a pro instrument can speed up your practice time and you're sound better faster, only problem is shelling out the extra cash.


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And, if you buy a horn that you really like, you are more likely to keep it rather than trying to sell the student instrument to 'trade up'. In the long run, assuming you are passionate about music and stick with it, buying a better instrument is a wiser investment from both money and time aspects.

So don't be in a hurry to shell out bucks for a lesser instrument; save a bit longer and get something you're likely to get better on faster and wanna keep.
And this advice comes even with the realization that you main intention is for Flute pedagogy, since I'm sure you'd like to know what the students should know.
my preferences would be the Jupiter 511e II followed closely by the Yamaha 221 with the jupiter just slightly ahead on build quality.

As this is not going to be your main instrument I do not agree with Acglass re not buying a student level instrument, unless of course you can afford a more expensive intermediate model , seeing as you have listed secondhand models I assume you dont want to spend more money than is necessary.

FWIW I know many pros who double on flute and play on YFL 211 sii flutes. If you buy a decent secondhand entry level flute and enjoy the way it plays and feels, you can always take your playing and tone to a new level by adding an aftermarket headjoint.
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