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Can you ID this G. Leblanc?


I am just looking into finding out what I can about my Bass Clarinet.
On the Case it has a Gold Seal with Two heads inside a Circle with G. Leblanc Paris on the border, some french on border below heads.
Inside of case is Black.
The instrument itself has

On it exactly as above (in all caps) engraved into wood.
It looks to be a dark Cherry wood.
Goes to Low C
Instrument Number on back above thumb rest says 10481
From the basic research I have done, looks to be possibly 1950's cant really find anything close to it.

Any information that can be given would be helpful. I am just curious as to the history of my instrument.
Acquired it through my private lesson teacher, who has kept it and taken great care of it.
She lived in Paris before coming to the US and she brought the instrument with her.


Old King Log
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I'm not aware of any Leblanc basses dating back to the 1950s with low C key work. That doesn't mean that they haven't turned out experimental horns from that period (they were good for that), it just means that they weren't in common circulation here in the US of A.

Does the instrument have a linkage on the rear of the horn that joins the top and bottom key work (that is, in addition to the usual bridge key found under the trill key touch pieces), a linkage joining the register key work to the lower joint?

As I understand it these days, getting an answer from the Leblanc branch of the Steinway music conglomerate is like pulling teeth.

And, photos always help in such cases. The older Leblancs were provided with a patent Eb/Ab mechanism on the lower joint which I always had trouble keeping in adjustment; a photo would highlight this (and the register key linkage alluded to above) much quicker than just talking about it.
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