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Can't post in WTB; seeking clarinet mthpc

Which forum should I post a request to buy a jazz friendly mouthpiece? Don't see a New Topic button and looks kind of dead over there.

Finished reading Steve Sklar's review and am seeking a nice match for my 1957 Q series Selmer CT

thanks pals


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Welcome to the Woodwind Forum. What mouthpiece are you using now? I tend to favor inexpensive, all-around pieces like a Meyer or Hite. I used to have lots of mouthpieces but now I tend to stick with my favorites in a #5 size that helps me stay in tune without a lot of work across the whole range of the instrument (sax or clarinet for me). When I help a student pick a mouthpiece they tend to favor the sound they get with these standards. YMMV.
What mouthpiece are you using now?
I apologize for the not-so-sharp iPad2 photos but it appears to be a modified Van Doren 5JB. Not sure of vintage. It's got a nice open sound it's just that after reading the mthpc review here on the forum, I'm curious how loud I can get with another. Always fun competing with drummers and other horn players who after a round of solos by all, the clarinet gets short shrift when desirous to play in lower registers.

I've had Meyers, B45s but am curious of the ones Sklar mentions namely (esp. for MY horn - CT):

  1. Otto Link - Reso Chamber 3-4*-5*
  2. Otto Link - slant sig 6
  3. Woodwind NY K9
  4. Woodwind G5
  5. Beechler
  6. vintage Selmer (O'Brien) crystal with Tone Booster

Here's some pics of mine (FL lig and VD "56" #3 reeds)


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