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Cantabile X-20 ... a very interesting woodwind for beginners?

At age 70 and with breathing problems it seemed a bit silly to consider taking up a non-fipple woodwind instrument. But hey - so what - I went ahead anyway.

After flirting with a Xaphoon (ghastly mouthpiece), a LittleSax (interesting but weird fingerings), a Nuvo Dood (actually pretty good when fitted with a traditional reed rather than Nuvo's own plastic reed), I came upon the Cantabile X-20 which has proved to be a revelation.

For those who don't know the instrument, it uses a Bb clarinet reed and looks (to my inexperienced eye) to be very similar to a chalumeau.

I have posted a full review for the instrument on Amazon UK.

Bearing in mind that I'm a raw beginner with reed instruments, I can only confirm that the X-20 is a really interesting instrument to consider as an alternative to, say, a recorder, especially if you prefer the sound and tone of a reed instrument.


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Banned :(
I like the look of that. It seems to be basically a truncated recorder fitted with a reed mouthpiece. And only 28 quid here in England
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