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Good luck.

I was somewhat amused when I went to your website regarding the Reed Aquarium.

Many saxophone players report success storing their reeds in a liquid (common liquids include vodka, everclear, and Listerine)
Vodka? Everclear? Really? I think if that was the case, we might either have an awful lot more sax players or an awful lot less. I'm not quite sure which. :p
I'll have mine in a side of vodka please... :) Damn... I use synthetics... No joy there... :D
I've owned a lot of Macs. The first one I bought was an SE/30 back in 1989. Black and white. I had my flying toasters on it.

At this point in time and considering what I do for a living -- computer security -- I can't really recommend any screensaver other than the ones built into your computer. I downloaded the Flying Toasters screensaver from then sent it through Yup. Infected :(.
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