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"Cigar Cutter" Octave Mech


Brassica Oleracea
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First, note that I'm HIGHLY medicated and I'm still in pain (migraine), even after lying down for ~2 hours, so this post might look a bit confused.

A little while back, we had someone post a "Tosca" sax and ask who actually made it. I pointed out that it had an octave mechanism that looked like a cigar cutter, similar to what you'd see on some of the Selmer Super Series horns. I've found another: the Robert Oswald Adler (ROA) Atlantic horns.

I don't have the full series of pics for this particular horn uploaded, yet. It's on ebay, though. I have seen a bunch of ROA horns, though. They're not terribly common.

Anyone know of any other saxophones with a cigar cutter octave mech?

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