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clarinet straps: stretchy vs. non stretchy

I would prefer to buy the Neotech (non stretchy), but the B&G (stretchy) fits better with my thumb rest

I feel the thumb rest attachment is a more important issue than the stretchy factor

do you prefer the stretchy or non stretchy?

thank you for any opinions :smile:


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
I had to figure out how they attached to a clarinet. Here's the Neoteh. The BG one is simular. I'd recommend that you don't ever let your clarinet just dangle from the strap.

I can't give an opinion on which is better because I've only used straps on saxophones and bass clarinets. I do have an opinion on the hooks they use: I don't like anything that can scratch my horn near my horn. Both look like they use plastic-covered metal hooks. Those wear out to bare metal very quickly. They might not wear as quickly on clarinet, but still ....

Looks like the Neotech is about $17 and the BG is about $17 to $40 US at wwbw.com, depending on how many hooks you want and other options. I'm *assuming* that the Flex Series is the BG strap you're looking at. They have non-stretchy ones, too. Neotech is probably a bigger name in the instrument strap world. I've known BG more for ligatures. This may or may not reflect on the quality of the respective straps.

I did a very quick Google regarding clarinet thumb rest replacements that have a strap hook that you can use just about any sax strap with (I had used one simular to this on my sax. Note the over-sized plastic hook.) Stephen Fox has some interesting supports and hooks that you might actually like better.