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Clarinet tips?


Tom Heimer
Yes, get an instructor.
If you don't have one, get advice on a good new or used beginner ("student") model clarinet. Yamaha, Selmer, others.
Discuss mouthpieces and reed brands/strengths with an instructor. You'll need a beginner book of course. There are many.
Let us know how it's going and if you got an instructor. If not you can get some more tips here.
abracadabra Clarinet is a decent book for learning (very beginning basics of first notes etc)
Tune a day for Clarinet (Book 1) same as above

But definitely get yourself a teacher (either in person or on line)
Im doing a course on UDEMY.com to tide myself over whilst i wait for the world to open up for business again


Tom Heimer
Yes, I learned at some point with Tune a Day. I've used several Band methods when I was teaching--Band Today, Sessions in Sound, Best in Class. All pretty much the same stuff. The book I learned from when in elementary school and taking private lessons was one called Foundation to Clarinet Playing. Great book, taking you from step one the first note to fairly complex rhythms and other advanced aspects. Have no idea if it's still in print, as that was about 1964.
Firstly, get a teacher, even if only for the first few lessons. That is where you pick up bad techniques that will take half a lifetime to eradicate and which will greatly limit your musical development.
Secondly, get a teacher!!
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