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Clarion Is Sharp But Throat Tones Are Flat

Sorry. I've tried 4 different mouthpieces. M30 Traditional, M13 Lyre, B45 Traditional, and a Portnoy BP02. I pretty much get the same results on either instrument on any mouthpiece. With the M13 Lyre, I use the shorter barrel that comes with the Yamaha.

I understand that pulling out / pushing in affects the throat tones more than the other ranges. And dynamics also affects the throat tones more than the other ranges. If I push in enough to get the throat tones in tune, then I have to pull out at the middle joint to get the lower clarion in tune, but then the upper clarion will be 15 cents sharp.

Pretty much the same thing on both instruments on all mouthpieces with a metal ligature and Gonzalez FOFs.


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Interesting. I don't have an answer on that. My first thought was that you were playing a vintage piece made for a larger bore. Obviously that is not the case.
Not sure what your level is and if this is a recent problem or always played this way. Anyway it's possible that you are flat in the throat notes because of your embochure but bite to get the second register so it's sharp. Maybe a more relaxed mouth for the second regiuster can help and/or slightly tighter and more focused embochure for the throat notes. Possibly combined with longer or shorter barrel (depending on the intonation of the rest of the instrument). Just one possibility.


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One of the most common ailments I come across are flat throat tones. Most of the time the problem is quite simple which is that the keywork for those notes are not open enough.

The easy solution is simply to use a small strip of sandpaper, usually around 400 works best for this, and move it back and forth underneath the cork for the throat Ab and the A key. But check it's travel first before doing that .. it may need just one or the other too.

pad changes etc sometimes have too thick of pads in them for these keys.

as for the sharp clarion I've come across so many weird setup problems with clarinets it's hard to talk about specific tuning issues unless I've looked it over completely.

Of course , one of the most common tuning problems is finding a mouthpiece that works well with the clarinet (and of course a good embouchure). One of the reason I have a collection of various makes and vintages of mouthpieces.
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Well, the CSG is brand new and I think I'm gonna send it back and try another one. It's just baffling though to have the same problem on 2 different professional-level horns. I might have to be chalkin' this one up as user error and maybe I'm just doing something wrong embouchure-wise. I just don't understand how if I play an E that comes out flat and then while holding the air and embouchure and everything else steady that If I ease open the register key to play a high B, then it comes out sharp. I wish there was a way I could sit down with a pro for a good 2 hours and show 'em all this with the tuner and ask questions and get to the bottom of it.


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when buying instrument from a non-local store that has dozens in stock, like say a wwbw.com, I recommend people just spend a little extra money and try to travel there and try out a whole bunch of the same and multiple models.

Then you can pick the best from the lot instead of spending extra money shipping stuff back and forth, plus alot more enjoyment (an experience in multiple brands) for the player.
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