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Conn Cocobolo Student Clarinet


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By chance, are you talking about one of these?


Calling it a student horn isn't quite right. Pan-American was Conn's "second-line" or "cheaper" instruments.

Did some other quick research. Here's an article from our forum sponsor. I think the article's a little confusing, but that clarinet's made out of a cocobolo laminate/plywood. I've always wanted one, because I think they're nice looking. Several folks that have them in good condition say that they're nice horns and built well.
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Yeah, I penned that post for them. Some of the pictures are of mine. I didn't know about the cocobolo laminate. It's always on the stand for those times that I want to practice but I take my R-13 Festival to gigs because it squeaks less and is more in tune. Gorgeous instrument though.
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