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Conn-O-Sax Recordings


Brassica Oleracea
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A few weeks ago, I came across a thread on SOTW where they were discussing Quinntheeskimo trying to sell a Conn-O-Sax for $100K on eBay (as mentioned, more power to him -- and I'm not going to discuss the pricepoint).

Interestingly, Dr. Paul Cohen decided to participate in that thread. He's one of the 50 or so folks I know of that actually own a Conn-O-Sax, so I was kinda hoping he'd pop in there. Even more interesting was the fact that he said he'd make available some of his Conn-O-Sax recordings if folks just sent him a self-addressed-stamped envelope and a couple burnable CDs.

I did, primarily because he said he'd include a cut of the tremendous "Variations on Amazing Grace" for Conn-O-Sax (really, French Horn) and organ by Calvin Hampton (it's excerpted on Dr. Cohen's Vintage Saxophones Revisited CD -- and that excerpt was the *best* recording I've evar heard of the Conn-O-Sax).

I just got the CD back, today.

I'm NOT disappointed. I haven't finished it, yet.

These are all live recordings. A couple are with string quartet, a couple with organ and I'm listening to a duet with flute, right now. All the recordings showcase the Conn-O-Sax's rather unique color.

Now, Rob Verdi also made an excellent CD of jazz standards on the Conn-O-Sax called Prose and Connversations, but the Conn-O-Sax was really supposed to be an orchestral instrument and the recordings on Dr. Cohen's CD are definitely in the "orchestral" vein.

For anyone that's interested, check out his post in http://forum.saxontheweb.net/showpost.p ... stcount=37. I can't say if Dr. Cohen will still do the, "Send me a CD-R and an SASE and you'll get a CD with recordings back!" But if he is, you need to get it.

Dr. Cohen's website is at http://www.totheforepublishers.com/ and his contact information is there.

Now if I can only get Dr. Cohen to buy a G Mezzo Soprano ....
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