Conn or Buescher C sop?

When I set out to buy a C soprano, Bruce Bailey told me that he had seen intonation issues on Conn and Buescher Cs, and that Holtons were the best - plus they (at least some) are keyed to high F. So I went Holton - I did find the low Bb was reliably sharp (fixed with a liner) and the rest of the horn is very well intonated.

I haven't ever played a Conn or Buescher C, so have zero personal information.

I really like the sweet delicate tone of a C soprano, even at my poor level of playing.

Just a couple of points I'd like to clarify:

1. Buescher did make high F C soprano. Not a lot, but some.

2. Re: intonation. Any horn can be out of tune. Any horn. And sometimes it's not the horn itself, but rather what has been done to it.

My Conn C soprano was unusable when it was first overhauled. Why? Improper key heights. Had I not played one that was properly set up, I could have easily given up and said: "Some Conn C sopranos are horribly out of tune. The one I bought was."

Instead, I got the heights from the one that was properly set up, and my tech set mine up the same way. The result? Mine plays perfectly in tune. (When I have practiced properly and have the chops for it.)
Buescher did make high F C soprano. Not a lot, but some.
I've seen a few of these horns around, all series 4. I've never seen a series 3 c sop. I was speaking with Doug Webb awhile back about C sops he said one of the best you can get is the series 4 The main identifiers of a series 4 is the detachable bell, more ergonomically friendly keywork, and of course the high F. Helen I know you know all this just putting the info out there incase anybody is curious. Does anyone know if Conn ever made a high f c sop?

Here's the Buescher C with range up to altissimo F. s/n 236334. 1928/29. Paul Lindemeyer's horn. The latest Conn I have pics of is this 17563x horn. That's only 1926.

I'd say there's a possibility of an altissimo F horn, especially if it was a "custom" request years after it was originally discontinued. Vintage C sopranos are not the most common beasties, anyway.
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