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Consolidating your Practice Routine Material

According to a couple of old posts at the woodwind.org forum...

"The Voxman "Selected Studies for Saxophone" uses a number of the Rose studies and etudes, and puts them in a better range for the saxophone, so no adjustments are needed.

Voxman uses (from the Rose 32) #26, #4, #18, #29, #21, and most interestingly the real #11 (not the simplified #11 in the Rose 32).

There may even be others."


"...Several Rose' items you mentioned are also in certain oboe/sax books as well. Ferling's 48 Famous Studies is one."

I know the Hite Foundation Studies are transcribed from the Baermann Third Division book.

I'm doing a bit of this by playing some of the Klose 25 daily studies on sax, clarinet, and flute, but most of the time I have separate books for each instrument.

If you just play sax you might play out of just one Étude book, but doublers typcically work out of at least one Étude book per instrument, so especially for those with limited time, there's the problem of being spread out too thinly.

So what do you think are the pros and cons of say playing the same Rose etudes on clarinet and sax to consolidate your practice routine? And if you also play oboe then you could play the same material on all 3. Does anyone do this?
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