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Crowdfunding for the SYLPHYO, our new wireless MIDI Wind Controller started


I have the pleasure to announce the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for the SYLPHYO, a new electronic music wind instrument.

The Sylphyo has advanced blowing control and wireless Midi.
It is the first wind controller really providing room for your breath thanks to its patented technology.
It is also compact and lightweight and, being standard MIDI, can be used either with hardware Synthesizer or with virtual instruments running on a computer or iOS devices.

Please find more details and presentation videos following this link:http://igg.me/at/aodyo/x/10922983



Brassica Oleracea
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We don't get many of these, so I'll allow it. There's also a website, http://www.aodyo.com.

Comments: how is this any better than the Akai EWI? Why do you think it's worth the extra $150 US ($450) over the Akai EWI ($299) other than that it's got a real MIDI interface?

I do think it's nice looking, though :)
Didn't saw the reply ... :oops:

OK, just a few more explanation: the SYLPHYO is not intended to compete with Akai EWI or Yamaha WX.

It is indeed a wind controller but it is much different:
- your breath can get through the instrument similarly as what you know with acoustic instrument (which is not really the case with EWI and WX as the internal tube is rather small), so the feeling is much closer to playing an acoustic instrument: this is probably the main point as we had to design a specific patented technology to achieve this
- it is much more compact and lightweight (nearly half the size and weight of the two others)
- wireless MIDI ... (adding such an interface to an EWI or WX cost at least 100 $ and it is not possible for the EWI USB you mentioned at 299$)
- expandable (internal slot for synthesizer board, active alternate mouthpieces that we have under development ...)
- as easy to play as playing a flute recorder
- internal motion sensor to add extra expression control or alternate not breathing control modes ...

I would describe the Sylphyo as a little brother of the EWI and WX, with unique features making it an instrument of its own.
Hope this answer some of your questions.
Hi, I'm new to the forum and generally new to wind controllers. I am looking to buy a wind controller and have done a little but of research on internet. I am a saxophone player but i study film composition! What would you suggest? Thanks!
It looks like you didn't meet the funding goal. What's next for this project?
As we selected flexible funding, we provided the Sylphyo Early Adopters units to our funders.

Then we went on and just launched the first batch of production that reached some shops in Europe (France, Germany, Italie, Switzerland).

We are going on working on future upgrade for our wireless MIDI wind controller including internal soundboard, alternative mouthpieces providing even more control ...
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