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Current New Selmer Pricing


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
I'm thinking about updating my professional sax price list, which I last updated seven years ago. Because it's low hanging fruit, I did Selmer first. The below items are in the form of:

Model's Website(s)
Pitch: $Price (US) - website I went to

Oddly, Kessler doesn't have the 40 Series tenor sax (TS44) listed on their website. I got a price through Amazon.


Selmer USA + Selmer Paris
40 Series (semi-pro; included for completeness)
Eb Alto: $2,199 - https://www.kesslerandsons.com/product/selmer-as42-alto-sax/
Bb Tenor: $2,849 - https://www.amazon.com/Selmer-TS44-...F8&qid=1468802253&sr=1-2&keywords=selmer+ts44

Selmer Paris
Seles Axos
Eb Alto: $4,295 - https://www.kesslerandsons.com/product/seles-by-selmer-paris-axos-alto-sax/

Selmer Paris
Super 80 Serie II (Jubilee lacquer)
https://www.selmer.fr/categorie.php?famille=SELMER SAX
Eb Sopranino: $11,279 - https://www.kesslerandsons.com/product/selmer-paris-series-ii-sopranino-sax/
Straight Bb Soprano: $5,879 - https://www.kesslerandsons.com/product/selmer-paris-series-ii-soprano/
Eb Alto: $5,599 - https://www.kesslerandsons.com/product/selmer-series-ii-alto-sax/
Bb Tenor: $6,499 - https://www.kesslerandsons.com/product/selmer-series-ii-tenor-sax/
Eb Baritone: $12,439 - https://www.kesslerandsons.com/product/selmer-paris-series-ii-bari-sax/
Bb Bass: $22,289 - http://www.saxalley.com/selmer-super-action-80-series-ii-bass-saxophone.html

Selmer Paris
Super 80 Serie III (Jubilee lacquer)
https://www.selmer.fr/categorie.php?famille=SELMER SAX
Straight Bb Soprano: $6,699 - https://www.kesslerandsons.com/product/selmer-paris-series-iii-soprano-saxophones/
Eb Alto: $6,349 - https://www.kesslerandsons.com/product/selmer-series-iii-alto-sax/
Bb Tenor: $6,899 - https://www.kesslerandsons.com/product/selmer-series-iii-tenor-sax/
Eb Baritone: $13,639 - https://www.kesslerandsons.com/product/selmer-paris-series-iii-bari-sax/

Selmer Paris
Reference 54
https://www.selmer.fr/categorie.php?famille=SELMER SAX
Eb Alto: $6,599 - https://www.kesslerandsons.com/product/selmer-paris-reference-54-alto-sax/
Bb Tenor: $7,599 - https://www.kesslerandsons.com/product/selmer-paris-reference-54-tenor-sax/

Selmer Paris
Reference 36
https://www.selmer.fr/categorie.php?famille=SELMER SAX
Bb Tenor: $8,439 - https://www.kesslerandsons.com/product/selmer-paris-reference-36-tenor-sax/

Selmer Paris
130th Anniversary Tribute Alto
Eb Alto (silver plated): $7,855 - https://www.kesslerandsons.com/product/selmer-130th-anniversary-alto-sax/


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
Here's a screenshot of the Selmer prices I listed in 2009. You can go to the original thread listed in the first post for more.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 6.24.52 PM.png

This is the inflation calculator I generally use.

As an example, the Super 80 Serie II Eb alto was $4,199 in 2009. That's $4,717 in 2016 dollars. The 2016 price of a new S80 is $5,599 (note that the new S80 has different lacquer). The highest eBay sold auction for a Super 80 Serie II alto was $4,400. Eyeballing the sold horns, I'd say that the average is around $2,700. What does this tell you? Well, your horn depreciates the second after you buy it and new horns are only getting more expensive.
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