Custom LowThudd "Kaces" C-Mel gig bag!

I was having trouble finding a reasonably priced soft or hard case for my Conn C Mels, so...I made one.

I started with a hardly used Bass Guitar Kaces gig bag, and cut the neck off an inch above the top back strap link(measured to fit the c mel, with room to spare), making sure to have both zippers meeting up well below this point. I then used super glue to fuse the top of the zipper at the cut I had made. Made several applications, allowing each to dry. This is a very secure fusion, between the strength of the zipper it's self, along with the super glue bonding the zipper to it's self.

Next, I got to work on padding. I used the left over neck material as padding for the bow end of the bag, after cutting the zipper off of it to reduce scratching. I then found a spot along the lowest edge of the bag, where the curved, open end of the neck could align with the bags zipper. Then stitched it using a leather awl closest to the non zipper edge of the lower bag. This adds padding to the bow end of the sax, and allows movement in the bag, without rubbing the sax.

The top end of the bag, I folded both the seam side and the zipper side in to the bag to meet cut edge to cut edge. Then overlapped the remaining side material and tucked it in. I then stitched along the top edge with the awl. This finished the outside stitching of the bag, and the two zippers can move freely to meet anywhere along the edge of the bag.

Next, for lining I used soft fleece, which I was able to find in some sewing stock leftovers that my mother had. I could not have bought a better material, as it is synthetic, and very soft. So it will not rot, and will likely wick moisture very well also. I first found the middle of the fleece, and folded it in half. Then stitched it to the top(neck) end along the back edge of the bag. I continued along the back edge of the bag, making a stitch every 4-6 inches, until meeting up with the neck padding material, which is now sax bow padding. Any excess material along the zipper edge, I folded in to add padding, then made a stitch attaching the lining to the bag every 4-6 inches. Finally when I met up with the neck material at the bow end, I stitched through both layers of bag material, as well as the fleece at the extreme back bottom corner of the bag. I then stitched the remaining fleece to the bow padding(neck material) only, so that the padding could move freely in the bag without rubbing the sax. Fits perfect!

I must admit, I have done similar before. I have been stitching leather for 25 years, and have made several complex, improvised useables since then.

Total cost?= $1.50 for half a roll of waxed heavy thread. lol



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