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Brassica Oleracea
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... distributed by Dallas music in England. They're also the folks that distributed the Grafton.

A had a fun hour or so looking them up. They're ALL stencils. They're just not stencils from the same company.

Stamped "Italy." These are probably all Rampone and Cazzani horns, but I have no problem if you want to throw in the likes of Alfredo Santoni.

If it looks German, it might be a Julius Keilwerth horn. Compare this to this. The serial numbers aren't that far apart and they look pretty darn close. I've also got pictures of a "Dearman Standard Model," s/n 10138 with wire keyguards that looks very much like this horn, minus the chromatic F#, front altissmo F, G# trill, and Bb bis keys.

I said in the above paragraph, "Might." There are some "Germanic looking" horns that are definitely not JK.
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