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Destination: Carnegie Hall

Some say it’s an unachievable goal! After all, I’m 63 years old, and I only started playing the flute, in August of last year!

On the other hand, I’ve been a musician since I was quite small, on a number of different instruments; so it’s not that I don’t understand the world of music, or notes, or sounds, or harmonies, or hard work.

I started on a closed-hole Armstrong, with an offset G, and a C foot joint; and I have progressed to an intermediate Opus flute, with holes in the keys, still an offset G, and a B foot joint.

I’ve kept a video record from time to time, starting in August of last year, up until now, and my progress is self evident. I’m practicing about 1 to 2 hours a day, and I’m including long tones and scales in my practice time each day.

My particular appreciation is improvisation for folk songs, country songs, smooth light jazz, And also traditional hymns and praise music, (not necessarily in any particular order).
Here is a single example of how I’m doing most currently, please look past my pregnant belly which I’m working on getting rid of. You can find other videos in that same location that are chronologically accurate, and can be viewed for examples of progress:

I have been told that my hand position needs work, and I am Trilling with my uvula (gargling) because I cannot roll my “R’s.”

I set a goal for myself, of playing on the stage of Carnegie Hall by the time I’m 73. Will I make it? Don’t count me out!
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