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EA Couturier Lyon & Healy Stencil


Brassica Oleracea
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There have been a couple of hot & heavy discussions on SOTW regarding horns that have a serial number with an X in or by the serial number. Most, if not all, of this discussion is regarding Conn models made around and after 1936; i.e. nothing prior to the introduction of the "Transitional" models.

So I'll throw an EA Couturier-made horn into the mix.

It's a lot older than the Conns I mentioned. Hey, no front altissimo F. Don't let the "Pat. Applied For" notation throw you off. It's on other Couturier-made horns.

IMO, the "X" probably stands for something quite mundane: "We screwed up the serial number."

I'd love to hear other opinions!
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