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Eb Clarinet Bell

Hi. Can't post in the "want to buy" section so I thought I'd try my luck here. I've just came into possession of an Eb clarinet without a bell (and mouthpiece for that matter, but looking for a mouthpiece is a lot easier). Any one have one, or know where I can get an inexpensive bell from? A stock one is fine, not looking for anything over the top like a Backun or anything.


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Thanks for joining the forum. We have a requirement of 25 posts before anyone is allowed to post in the For Sale or Wanted sections. Keeps us a little less busy with spammers. :emoji_smile:

You might try eBay and look for a parts clarinet with a decent bell.
Thanks for the welcome. :) I've been keeping an eye on Ebay since I made the bid. I missed one by a day or so. Darn! It's a Bourdain Eb (soprano) Clarinet. Looks like the size of a general Eb clarinet. Let me friend try it out who plays a lot of Eb and she didn't notice anything out of the norm (other than the lack of bell of course). We're going to realy play test it tomorrow. Incidentally, she did manage to play it using her Bb Barrel and MPC on top of it w/o my barrel. She got the whole upper register out (D in the staff to high G)! Which we both laughed at.


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You might be able to hack something together out of plastic or even PVC but I would be remiss if I didn't mention that heating PVC to get it to bend releases a lot of nasty gases.

The safer option is to keep your eyes on eBay as you have been doing. I rarely see e flats in second hand shops.


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Specialty clarinets (Eb soprano/sopraninos, bass clarinets, contra-bass clarinets, basset horns and A and C soprano clarinets) are a hard find, despite the wonderful world of online buying. Student horns may show up, but the "pro" instruments are pretty few and far between, particularly when compared to the huge numbers of "bog standard" Bb sopranos.

Sadly, this does not seem to apply to alto clarinets...

While you might land a barrel or bell from another clarinet, finding one for a non-standard brand is going to be a hard row to hoe. You might get lucky, but the best route to take if yu want an Eb horn is to get one with all of the parts in place save the mouthpiece. Even barrels (which are carried by manufacturers long after the model bought has been consigned to the dustbin of instrumental history) can be hard to come by.
Yea...seems as if Albert systems are in abundance on ebay along with the alto clarinets. But I'll just keep my eyes open on ebay. Is there anywhere else that one could suggest looking?
I got one sent to me, but it's too small :(. My friends E-11 bell was too small also, so not if I'm going to be able to find one. Think I may ask my repair guy to measure it for me.
Yea, I'm sure. I played it with her mouthpiece. Same pitch. It's not that much bigger, but it is a bit bigger.