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Eefer Madness!


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I'd be interested in the results.

Last night Suzy had to put a longer barrel on. I'm guessing because the room temp was different, but it strange how often and how much the wee instruments have to be adjusted to the surroundings to be anywhere near pitch. This is a place where pencil marks on the neck mean absolutely nothing, even as a starting point!


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Got the Scott barrel today. Tunes much better with the 41mm Scott than with the 42mm stock.

Sound seems to have a better focus, and it certainly plays with a more consistent sound through the registers.

Great deal at $69 from Muncy, too.


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Just received my new eefer mouthpiece today. Bought if from Ben Redwine on Ebay. It's a Johnston - and it's excellent.

I now have my eefer as tricked out as possible. My high E's are now much easier to tune, and the sound and flexibility and excellent.

Now, if I could just learn to play Til Eulenspiegel...


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So I'll revive a rather old topic, I guess.
I use a 1918 (serial 7xxL1) Buffet, with an old logo Selmer HS, a Rovner German System Bb ligature, and Vandoren 3.5 Blue Box reeds.
It plays very well, other than a tendency to be somewhat flat across the whole horn.