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Eugen Schuster Saxophones


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I was asked about Eugen Schuster horns on SOTW recently, and I was going to point to their page on my site... Oops... :emoji_blush: I hadn't published one. I just thought I had.

So I pulled together all the research I had gathered over the years, and tried to find some new stuff, and well... Here it is: A new page on Bassic Sax dedicated to this rather rare and very obscure brand of saxophones made in Graslitz for ~ 15 yrs.

I am also updating the Bassic Sax Pix galleries for the brand. I have found a bunch over the the past 10 years or so that I never had uploaded, so slowly this brand's history will take some shape in both visual and verbal history.


NB: As per usual, if anyone has anything they would like to contribute either to the gallery of images, or to the content, please let me know. Thanks!
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