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F on the shank....

Dave Dolson

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Distinguished Member
I don't know about that brand, but generally speaking, markings on the shank (or sometimes on the table) indicate the tip-opening and other measurements depending upon the marking.

Example, my Meyer alto pieces have their chamber-size marked on the shank and their tip openings and length-of-lay stamped on the table (in a diamond surround) . . . "6S-Medium Chamber", "7M-Small Chamber".

My Otto Link STM soprano pieces are stamped 7* and 8*, the 7* having a slightly more closed tip-opening than the 8*.

My Selmer pieces (soprano and alto) have tip-designations in letters . . . J, F, C*, etc. Each letter corresponds to a measurement.

These designators are not similar among various brands - each mouthpiece maker has his own way of designating various measurement. There are charts/tables around the Internet that will allow you to compare a Jody Jazz 7 to a Selmer F, etc. DAVE


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Hi Migal.

I've used Bergs on my horns for 25 years, and I can tell you that I've never run across an F on any of them. You've really got my curiosity peaked now.

Like Gandalfe said, could you take a photo of this mouthpiece & also of the stamping.

BTW, how old is the piece? What kind of sax is it for?


I see we posted at the same time. Also: What kind of facing is it?
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