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Another thread contained a discussion of pets and I thought it would be fun to see member's "best friends". My best friend is a 7 year old Springer Spaniel named Toby short for Tobias who was a shelter rescue. He loves to play with "things" especially if they make sounds. He is not camera shy like our previous dog Winnie, in fact he seems to "pose" for the camera. He does "sing" when I play the saxophone and his favorite key is Ab.

His glamor shot.


Lounging in his favorite chair.


After his operation to remove his anal gland


Who says dogs don't smile?

I'll try to get a pic of my dog at some point.

Speaking of Siamese cats, my favorite aunt has a chocolate-point (i.e. brown-black tips on the ears) Siamese and Birman that looks exactly the same except you've got the long, fluffy fur everywhere. It makes you do a double-take if you didn't know she had two cats ....
My dog sebastian (we call him Ralph). The last picture is a little old, he was a major circus dog until he tore his ACL. That ended the jumping career. He's a german shepherd-border collie mix, in case anyone was wondering.
Cool. What a beautiful dog. What is his/her name and what language(s) does he/she understand?
Quinn and Morgan.JPG

Updating with a Christmas picture. They are seven months old now.


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Sweet. They do grow up fast, don't they? I'd love to get a companion for Toby, but my wife says I need to choose between her and getting another dog.

(Click for a bigger pic.)

There he is: Jonah. He's co-opted my youngest's pink bear. Yes, the bear is supposed to be flat. The dog is lumpy because of lipomas (benign fatty tumors). Green eye is because I don't know how to use a camera with a flash.

Jonah is a mutt, but definitely has quite a bit of terrier and Standard ("dog-sized") Poodle in him.

Story time:
My dog is almost 14. You might not be able to tell from the pic, but he's a dog-sized dog and weighs 50lbs, the combination of these make him definitely a "senior citizen." (Generally, the larger the dog, the shorter the life-span.)

About a month ago, he started having severe balance problems and had problems raising himself from, say, the position you see pictured into a standing position. My wife and I, and some others that saw him, concluded that he was just old. However, he got much worse in the past few days, so we took him to the vet. He had a stroke. I never heard of dogs having strokes.

There actually is some real good in this, tho: Jonah was given a cortisone shot and follow-up anti-inflammatories. He's been feeling so good, he's been prancing around like a puppy -- and with only minor balance issues. He also had an extremely thorough blood test which confirmed that the bazillion lipomas he has aren't cancerous (he gets tested regularly) and all his other stats are doggie-normal. His life-expectancy has now been raised to two or more years, too.

Now, the dog is mostly blind and deaf, too. He does respond to movement quite well, as has been learned by the cat next door that likes to use our doggie door ....
Thanks Pete for sharing. I hope Jonah can stay active and alert for a good long time to come. I know how attached we get to our "Canine American" friends. Nitai your pictures are incredible. Now I'm getting camera envy. :tongue:
Clarinbass, NO WAY..because THIS is Lizzie : :)
she is a 10 yo colliechow, recovering from dual torn rear leg acl ligaments. In her day she could jump 5 feet vertically from a sit, and run like the wind! She;s caught & killed two squirrels (although I strongly suspect one had a cardiac when it hit the ground :/ ), and tangled sucessfully with a groundhog, a racoon, and a bat. She;s still smart as a whip.

Sissy (little sister), is three and not quite so bright...She has had approx 24 pups. We rescued her from a North Philly puppy mill. Her front paws are damaged, and she was a hairless, scared, 12 pounder when adopted. NOW, she's almost 40 (!) pounds and getting in touch with her inner husky. We think she's spitz, pomeranian, corgi & terrier also.
Both pooches *love* to guard the yard. Lizzie's graciously showing Sissy 'the ropes'.

Thanks Pete for sharing. I hope Jonah can stay active and alert for a good long time to come. I know how attached we get to our "Canine American" friends.
I +1 this post by about 1,000.

Before I had Jonah, I was mostly a cat person. I'm allergic to cats (and dogs), so they naturally love me. I just really didn't care much for dogs, but Jonah definitely grew on me and I'd definitely get another dog. Probably a couple-year-old dog from the pound.

Yes, I'm allergic and I worked in a kennel for about a year ....
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