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Faszination Saxophon


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I just got a great book from the Muisk Instrumenten Museum in Markneukirchen.

Faszination Saxophon was written by Günter Dullat, who used to work as a woodwind instrument maker, and is also a collector of vintage saxophones.

The book explores the histories of the large and small saxophone makers that produced instruments in German-speaking regions of Europe. Included in this 360 page book are over 100 colour photos of the horns that made up part of the collection that were in a special exhibit at the museum in 2015.

The book is in German & English, but be warned: The technical descriptions of each of the saxophones pictured, is only in German.

It is without a doubt the best book I have bought on this subject ever.

That said, it was not inexpensive. With shipping the cost was around EUR120,00.

If you love vintage German saxophones--like I do--or have a number of them--like I do--then you will likely really love this book. Even just skimming a few of the brands I am already familiar with, I have learned a lot that I did not already know.

Dullat's work adds to the body of knowledge that is slowly rebuilding the history of these ground-breaking companies, whose history has been lost over the years.
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