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Favorite intermediate/advanced study books


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I'm spending a lot of time on the Polatschek studies lately. Most of them are based around motifs from well known classical works, but modulated through several keys. It's sort of like a jazz patterns kind of treatment, where you learn a lick in every key.


Tom Heimer
Some of my favourites are the Jettel books (3-4 of them--The Accomplished Clarinetist, etc.), books by Alfred Uhl, Opperman, John P. Russo, Frantizek Zitek (that's a really great one that inspired me to write my own). Of course there are the Jean Jean books. I agree the Polatschek one is great too.
I went through a period from 1995-2006 of going into music stores and thumbing through books. If there was enough stuff in one that would benefit me I'd buy it. Doubt I'll buy any more with the pile I have.


Tom Heimer
You can obviously find a lot online as well, but I wouldn't buy anything unless decent PDF samples are provided.
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