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Felix Doran's Silver pipes

http://www.neilmulligan.com/doran2010 .htm

Just had to share here.
Felix Doran, brother of the legendary Johnny Doran (both dec'd) had an all-silver; & silver-plated (2 full sets) of Uilleann pipes made, by various crafstmen. Leo Rowsome inclusive.
You;s can all get the full story from the link, but in terms of drool-some bagpipe pics, this is complete nirvana.

see what i mean?:)
I took a look. Rather impressive. Best keep this site away from my son, who's just decided he wants to play the pipes.....
There's also this guy:


Son want blown, not bellows pipes.

My wife took our son there for an introductory lesson. Turned into a demo of all the pipe types. Son'd been keen to learn the GHB, but the sheer volume has, thankfully, put him off. Looks like he may go for a Hümmelchen, than can be made with GHB fingering as well...

Well to cut a long story short, I got a decent budget practice chanter and told him he had to earn the pipes by learning properly on the chanter - and putting a decent amount of effort into his clarinet. New teacher coming up in September. So we'll see.
Wierd isn't it. English guy of scottish descent (a long way back...) living in Germany meets Japanese pipe maker making German, Bohemian and British pipes in Germany.

I didn't get to meet him, should pop over. My wife was really impressed by the workmanship and by him. He's going to move a little further out soon, so I guess I should do it soon.
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