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fixing a Blessing


I have come across someone willing to sell me their flute. It's a Blessing and according to them it's in need of a few parts (screws and springs). I have yet to see the flute but their willing to let me check it out.

My questions are:

1) What are the difficulties of obtaining replacement screws and springs on a flute? What are the [average] prices these parts go for?

2) Does brand TYPE affect the difficulty of repairs?

3) Is it worth it getting it fixed?


Distinguished Member
Distinguished Member
If a flute has lost or broken springs and missing pivot and/or adjustment screws there is a good chance that it hasn't been well cared for and has other problems as well. The best advice I can give is to take the flute to a competent repair tech and get an estimate of what it needs before spending any money.

Blessing is not a brand of flute that I would recommend spending a lot to repair (over $50). There are much better brands of entry level flutes available. Yamaha, Armstrong, Gemeinhardt, and Pearl to name a few.

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