FL lig for RPC bari

I will make the first non-Rovner ligature post. I play on FL ligs and want to know which size I need to get for an RPC 110B bari mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is waiting for me in the US so I will have it in a week and a half when I get back from China (finally!). I am hoping I can learn which size I need ahead of time so I don't have to go the trial and error route when I actually have mouthpiece in hand. I am posting this on SOTW as well. I'm hoping between the two I can get some info. Thanks!
I know a couple of guys who play Ron's pieces and have told me that the FL's are a bit tight. I'm not sure which lig they were using in the FL line. When I saw them they were using your standard metal lig. I'm not sure if they came with the piece or not. I believe Ron does supply a basic metal lig.

The Francois Louis website doesn't have a sizing chart.
I got info from a couple of guys on SOTW that have used an FL tenor XL with good results. Hopefully I can try the one from my Soloist. I'll let everyone know if it fits.
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