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For Sale Selmer Paris Full Boehm Clarinets


Private woodwind instructor
As stated in the title, I am selling my set of old Selmer full boehm clarinets.
Complete overhaul ~12 years ago. Pads look new. Includes 3 barrels.
Bb needs a little adjustment to play perfectly.
A plays great as is.
Need to sell ASAP.
$1000 for the set
$25 shipping
Paypal preferred

Photos by email. Phone won't upload due to low memory.

Carl H.

Distinguished Member
Distinguished Member
OK you've convinced me. I'll take the pair.


Private woodwind instructor
These have sold, but not to Carl.
I still have my Selmer Signature. Although I've been on sax in my community band longer than what I would like to admit.
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