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Forum software problems ...


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
This AM, I went to add a new album and found that the link wasn't there. I found that more than moderately odd. I saw that we had a couple errors in the database that the forum runs on, but that went away when I turned off all our add-ons. Then I removed and reinstalled one of our themes ("color and font palettes"), as it was also generating an error. Nope didn't help.

* I've reset the default theme to Xenforo's default. That's working fine for all features.
* I've uninstalled ALL the themes, except for the Xenforo default and Flat Awesome.
* I've turned off all our add-ons, except the media gallery, so if you're missing a feature, no need to tell me. If you get an error message or something like that, do post here.
* I've started uninstalling some add-ons in preparation for upgrading the whole forum.

I have to go do some errands, so I might do some more work later tonight. Hey, at least everything is working and half of our forum isn't in French :) (inside joke).
Almost forgot.

The SSL certificates for this 'site's FTP server and cPanel expired today. I have a new one in place for the website -- not that we need it; our donations are through PayPal -- but I'm still getting date errors when I try to login here using https. Hopefully, this will go away in 24 to 48 hours.
I should be able to do the updates in a bit.

I see that the SSL cert is now mostly working. That's really a secondary concern, as I mention above. I think the upgrade might fix some of the problems.
Major software upgrades make me tense.

The upgrade is finished. Please list ANY errors you see and, if I don't respond quickly, e-mail me at thesaxinfo@gmail.com.

Please also note that if we do see bunches of errors, we may have to revert to the last backup, which was from earlier this AM. So, if you're planning on a 1000 word post, make sure you save a copy!
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