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FS Buffet Jazz Festival Bb Clarinet $1500obo

Great sounding clarinet for sale, just not playing enough anymore to justify having multiples. This thing is truly a monster sounding horn. These were model 1137 and produced for a while in the mid 90's. This thing has been around the world with the first owner I know of being Down Under, and has traveled with me through Europe and the US. I have a Leblanc with some serious sentimental value so that one stays.

Asking $1500obo shipped conus, will throw some pictures up tonight.
Thanks Jim, it really is a great horn, just not using. Haven't played it in a few years.

http://s589.photobucket.com/user/saxplayer1004/library/Buffet Jazz Festival?sort=3&page=1
album is there with a few pics, will get a few more up. One of the cool things is the carbon fiber bands instead of the metal ones

There is one slight hairline crack on the bell that was there when I got it years ago. The band is obviously holding it and it doesn't extend past the machined out bit for the tenon.

They're not the same model Gandalfe. Yours is a "Festival" the OP's is a "Jazz Festival". The jazz festival was only produced for a few years in the 80s I think.
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