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Gemeinhardt 50 Series flutes?

Roger Aldridge

Composer in Residence
Distinguished Member
I'm trying to find information about the Gemeinhardt 50 series -- especifically, the 53SB. Is this just an older model or is it somehow different from the current Gemeinhardt line? Any opinions about the quality of 53SB flutes?

Thanks, Roger


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
I did some brief Googling.

The 53SB is supposed to be solid silver and the lip plate was gold plated. Original sale price was around $1800 and people are now selling them in the $800 to $960 range. An example's at JunkDude.

I didn't look at a lot of examples, but the ones I saw had "custom" H1 headjoints.

I don't know the date range for that model, but some of the Googling I did suggests they were still selling new in 2007.

Oh. Sorry. Answering the second half of your question, based on the original price and configuration, I'd call it "professional range flute."

YMMV. Hopefully Toby has some more info ....
I found this info on Gemeinhardt headjoints:


I can think of two reasons why you'd ask this question:

1. You are interested in a new flute, and Gemeinhardt is something you are interested in.

2. Someone is offering you this specific flute at a good price, and you're wondering if it's a good investment.

Answers in my semi-professional opinion:

To situation 1: Gemeinhardts are standard intermediate material. I (and my profession flute tutor when I studied) preferred yamaha, but I do believe the difference is a matter of taste rather than worth.

Situation 2: This particular flute isn't in production anymore, and it seems there are more of these on sale than there are buyers. Gemeinhardt and yamaha update lots, so they don't seem to hold their value like maybe Haynes, Powell, Muramatsu, etc. would. I wouldn't purchase it for a lot of money, but if its the flute for you, who can really put a price on comfort and ease of use.

Miyazawa 602 body, Drelinger Headjoint
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Roger Aldridge

Composer in Residence
Distinguished Member
Many thanks Pete and Andrew!

I dearly love my diMedici alto flute. It's included in the doubles that I consider to be my performance instruments. However, I've not connected with C flute in the way that I have with alto. I've only had a student Yamaha -- actually, an older Model 26 with a new silver plate CY head joint. It's not a bad flute by any means. I use it in situations where I'm not able to use alto (I can sight-transpose C flute parts on alto). But, having a better quality flute -- eespecially, all silver -- should make a big difference.

Right now, I have a limited music budget ($800 range). So, I contacted Dave Hoskins at Junk Dude and the 53SB in Pete's link caught my eye. I've done a good amount of business with Dave over the years and have complete trust in him. Dave said this flute belonged to a saxophone professor and is in excellent condition. He's sending the flute on trial. It should arrive on Monday and I'll see if it suits my needs.

After talking with Dave about the 53SB I wanted to see what I can learn about it. I'm more familiar with Yamaha and diMedici models than with Gemeinhardt. I quickly discovered that the 50 series is not included in the current Gemeinhardt product list. However, as Andrew found, the H1 is included in their list of head joints. Since I focus more on alto flute, the description of the H1 sounds good in having somewhat less resistance with a C flute.

I'm looking foward to trying out the 53SB. I'll report back next week. If I have reservations about it, I'll send it back to Dave and look for another possibility. Fingers crossed!

Thanks again, Roger


Brassica Oleracea
Staff member
Dave H is one of the very few dealers I've ever called up and said, "I want THAT horn." He's a good guy.